Thursday, October 27, 2005

Woman shot in plot to eliminate cow

BBC News had a quirky little story about a man in Australia who was shooting at a cow, missed, and accidentally hit a passing motorist.

It was all purely accidental; he fired at the cow while inside a shed, and the bullet passed through the back wall of the shed and hit the passing car, wounding the driver in the leg.

The driver recovered, the shooter was fined $1,000, and he voluntarily gave up his firearms license. All’s well and good, but don’t you feel like stuff is being left out?

First of all, how bad of a shot do you need to be to be shoot at a cow from inside a shed and miss?!?!

Second, and I think this point is key, is that the shooter, one Rudolf Stadler, agreed to shoot the cow for a friend because the cow was “troublesome.” How exactly does a cow become “troublesome,” especially so “troublesome” as to warrant a bullet? Was she using his debit card online without permission? Threatening to go to authorities with select knowledge about mad cow disease that shouldn’t get out? Or just simply always snapping her gum in an irritating way and refusing to quit?

This sounds like a definite cover-up; and with the cow dead, we'll probably never have the complete story.


Segue said...

I'm too much of a city-boy to understand farm life.

My boss once told me he had shot all his chickens with a 9mm the other day.

Shocking, no? Well, I guess they only lay eggs for so long, and after that... either *snap* or BANG!

I'm glad I don't live in the country.

tanagrame said...

I wonder what they did with the meat?

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy or no, your post title led me to believe that multiple women had in fact been shot. I was picturing a Keystone Kops situation with people running around brandishing guns in fast-motion, women falling dead in pools of blood as a laughing cow cavorted around in a striped prison suit, uncatchable.

Also, that Benny Hill music is playing.

alpharat said...

Correction duly noted. Title chnaged from "women" to "woman".

Jennifer said...

You're on a roll today, mister! Be sure to post pictorial evidence of the good time had by all at your Halloween party. What costume did you decide on? Post that too!

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Hey, cows can be scary! I'm sure she got what she deserved.