Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick Photography Lesson

So things have been crazy busy in a good way lately. Over the past few weeks, we had the Dirty Show, where we bought a cool new art pice, and I got to meet Steve Yzerman. Unfortunately, nothing has allowed for me to get much done in the way of blogging.

I just wanted to touch base will all of you and let you know I'm still around, and to relay a helpful photography tip. We all can't be pros, so it's helpful to get a pointer that is of particular use.

Today's photo tip that was recently relayed to me regards the benefits of using Flash in your photo. Often, a photo that would have been a nice little snapshot doesn't turn out well, when it could have benefitted from having Flash in the photo.

An example:

There you go! It's a simple as that.

Now get out there and start taking photos.

Happy shooting!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Now in contention for best auction ever...

Back in my day, we weren't able to bid on things like this on the Interwebs. We had to seek out our own and earn it the old-fashioned way.

I can't say we liked it that way, but we dealt with it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Uncle Pants

This is Uncle Pants. He's a guy that I first met in... 98? 99? At some point he and I started working at the same sweatshop of an ad agency; we started at right the same time, maybe even on the same day if I remember correctly.

At any rate, he's a cool guy who's lead a very... interesting life. Interesting is putting it mildly, I guess. Dysfunctional is closer to the truth, but it doesn't give Pants enough credit, because he's not dysfunctional.

He's started up what they're calling a "blogumentary", a sort of video memoir. You should check it out, it's broken down into one- to two-minute chunks, where he takes you around Detroit to the places that hold significance to his life.

Uncle Pants is a really charismatic narrator, and it's a nice project. I'm looking forward to further installments.

You can scope it out here, and for the record, he's not my uncle.