Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

A few minutes ago, I noticed an FB post from Ange, that she was blogging again, and it made me realize that I too have a blog. A personal blog that is, I also have the music/work thing, which I post on almost daily, but I have been neglecting this one for something like 8 months now, relying on the FB to find out what my friends are up to, as well as to find out what the children of people I went to high school with are up to, which is ridiculous because I didn't like most of those people when I was in high school in the first place.

It's probably about time to "Stalin" my FB friend list again, as one of the people I actually care about refers to it as. I mean, if I wasn't friends with you at one time, and you're not interesting now, why do I care? Answer? I don't. I just clicked "Accept," because it was easy.

Anyway, Ange had pointed out that she was back, and I thought I was missing this thing a bit, too, so let's bring it all back, yes?

Let's start with New Year's Resolutions. A couple anyway. Some are for me to know and for you to mind your own business.

1. Post here more, but not to apologize for not posting. Too many posts here and everywhere seem to start out with an apology for taking time off. It's my time to take where I want, and it's too short to waste on apologizing for things I'm not genuinely sorry about.

2. Put yet more time and effort into my physical well-being. In addition to the ever present biking involved in my life, I've added running and weights into the mix, and added a few goals. We'll be at the Corktown 5K this year, and have signed up for the Warrior Dash as well. Ange is also in, and this is going to be a party of moderately epic proportions along with an asskick of a race.

3. Devote more time to mastering the Hipstamatic. I love this thing.

Shane in the Snow

Circle jerks

4. Devote time to one project for me each month. More on that soon, once I wrap my head around the full ramifications of it...

5. Become yet more and more awesome. That one's self-explanatory.

That is all for now. Odds on, I'm going to post prolifically for weeks now, before fading away right when the weather gets nice. It's what I do, and I won't apologize for it (see #1).