Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick Photography Lesson

So things have been crazy busy in a good way lately. Over the past few weeks, we had the Dirty Show, where we bought a cool new art pice, and I got to meet Steve Yzerman. Unfortunately, nothing has allowed for me to get much done in the way of blogging.

I just wanted to touch base will all of you and let you know I'm still around, and to relay a helpful photography tip. We all can't be pros, so it's helpful to get a pointer that is of particular use.

Today's photo tip that was recently relayed to me regards the benefits of using Flash in your photo. Often, a photo that would have been a nice little snapshot doesn't turn out well, when it could have benefitted from having Flash in the photo.

An example:

There you go! It's a simple as that.

Now get out there and start taking photos.

Happy shooting!


Jennifer said...

Flash is sexy.

And he's got nice hands.

But, say we're off to Italy to shoot some cats among the ruins -- does Flash belong in the checked luggage, or do we carry him on?

***Are x-rays an issue?

I, for one, would like to see your dirty art. That means forty people who are too shy to admit they want to see your dirty art, also want to see your dirty art. Consider this a hint, and a public service to those who are too abashed to hint.

(Too lazy to look up abashed & make sure my usage is unsucky)

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Is that you in the Flash suit?

fineartist said...

You, you always make me laugh, this time with the help of the Flash, who incidentally sort of looks like the Crimson Chin in this shot, yeah, I've been watching too much Nickleodian.