Monday, February 04, 2008

Uncle Pants

This is Uncle Pants. He's a guy that I first met in... 98? 99? At some point he and I started working at the same sweatshop of an ad agency; we started at right the same time, maybe even on the same day if I remember correctly.

At any rate, he's a cool guy who's lead a very... interesting life. Interesting is putting it mildly, I guess. Dysfunctional is closer to the truth, but it doesn't give Pants enough credit, because he's not dysfunctional.

He's started up what they're calling a "blogumentary", a sort of video memoir. You should check it out, it's broken down into one- to two-minute chunks, where he takes you around Detroit to the places that hold significance to his life.

Uncle Pants is a really charismatic narrator, and it's a nice project. I'm looking forward to further installments.

You can scope it out here, and for the record, he's not my uncle.


Jennifer said...

LOVE it.

I have so much respect for a person who can tell the not-so-pretty truth without a trace of resentment in his voice.

This is a guy who doesn't feel sorry for himself. This is a guy who could have become a victim and didn't.

If this were a film playing in a theater, I would go see it, and I'd take my friends.


Also wanted to mention, re: closing the book on emo, I deleted the word "punk" from the dictionary definition out of respect for you.

fineartist said...

Thanks Alpha, I can sort of relate to some experiences he tells about, mind blowing.

I like his demeanor, he's the kind of person I would invite into my home, and he's got wise old eyes.

I look forward to hearing more about SHAP, so I've book marked the page. SHAP was what we used to call a real trip, not necessarily a good trip, but a trip none the less.