Monday, October 24, 2005

Paris is Always a Good Idea

My wife turns 30 next month. In an effort to make her 30th the best day possible, I did it. I bought her tickets to Paris.

This is first and foremost in my brain right now. We're going to Paris. I was in Paris once, 16 years ago, but I didn't really appreciate it much I'm afraid; the primary thrill of my visit was sneaking to McDonald's for beer (that's a big thrill for a teen).

This time I will be able to truly appreciate it, and have someone to appreciate it with.

Before Paris, however, is Iceman. And while the mystery illness sidelined much of Team Angry Monkey last weekend, I am happy to say we found the time to hammer out nine miles yesterday at a near sprint. I am very happy with the results. We're pushing the envelope, and not only are the speed results coming in well, the "after-pain" is minimal.

I am being extra careful in the training, though; no log jumps, big drops, stupid stunts or catching air. Two weeks out from the race, I am thoroughly unwilling to sideline myself with a stupid injury. I already cracked a rib this year, I'd like to save any new injuries until next season.

But man, Paris. That's huge.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

My husband threw me a party for my 30th, but Paris would have been LOTS better. Good thinking!

Jennifer said...

Paris! You'd better NOT crash at the Iceman!

BTW, my little sister loves Coors Light. Personally, I think it's batpiss.

Paris! Ohh, la-la! Lucky woman!

tanagrame said...