Monday, October 24, 2005

Now, if we can only find a use for Coors

A recent news story reported that Coors Brewing Co. is using the waste from its beer production process to make ethanol.

The waste undergoes a 2-hour refining process to become ethanol. The ethanol is then mixed with gasoline and sent to gas suppliers in the area.

With gas prices on the rise, any alternative fuel sources are a welcome bit of relief to reserves that are already stressed and over-priced.

It does nothing to address the real problem - the fact that Coors is producing its nasty swill of a beer in the first place.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...


It would be fantastic if the beer industry ended up solving the world's energy crisis.

Segue said...

You know, Coors Original is surprisingly good, but it's not very common.

It's only the "silver bullet" that tastes so crappy, which makes me curious why they promote it so much. Coors Light is in the "working class" category of beer, that is rarely sold in bars, and is usually bought because it's cheap (like High Life, Milwaukee's Best, Natural, Busch, etc.)

Segue said...

(I forgot to finish my thought, whoops)

Coors Original has the potential to compete with Budweiser, at least flavor-wise, and they don't seem to be doing much to promote it.

Personally, price aside, I would buy Coors Original over Bud any time. But I'm guessing most people have never had it.