Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Secret Online Bargain of the Week - The $50 Hippo!

The BBC has a story about a group of hippos facing extinction in the Congo due to poachers. In Virunga National Park, there was once a thriving population of 29,000. There are now less than 900.

This is really sad, obviously. But as I read the article, I noticed a tidbit buried further in the story:
"Hippos can be bought for around $50"
50 bucks for a hippo? How cool would that be?

Just imagine, coming home to your own little herd of hippos (are a group of hippos called a herd?) hanging out in the yard. And at that price, even with shipping, it's probably cheaper than a lot of pure-bred dogs. Plus, if we all went in together, and bought a couple of hippos each, maybe we could move them somewhere where the poachers couldn't touch them. Like out west. The hippos could be the first animals brought in by those guys who want to add lions and elephants to the great plains.

If the Congo won't take care of its pets, we should give them to someone who will.

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