Thursday, September 22, 2005

Say it with me - "potty potty potty potty"

I apologize if it begins to seem like this blog is about to descend repeatedly into potty humor.

You won't have noticed it, because, other than this post, I have made a conscious effort to avoid it, but as I write this post, I'm saying screw it. If potty topics become prevalent, you can stop coming here, or start telling your friends to come here. I'm guessing it will be the latter.

What's the deal with potty humor? People think it's funny, and are often afraid to admit it.

Many moons ago, I traveled down to Charlotte, North Carolina to be a featured guest speaker at the International Children's Literature Conference. I was the only undergraduate to be invited to speak at that conference. I was surrounded by some of the world's most prominent authorities on children's education and literature, and I was considered a colleague.

What did I speak on? Poop.

My paper was entitled, right there in the program, "Why we really do need books about poop: the topic of bodily functions in children's literature."

So I stood in front of these people, in my suit, in a lecture hall, and said words like "poop", "pee", "booger" and "fart". While I was explaining why potty humor is essential and healthy to the emotional and intellectual development of children, I was thinking "they all think you're a hack, they can't believe you were invited to speak, this just isn't right."

Then someone laughed. Nervously at first, but they laughed. At the funny part (I was using some humorous visual aids, if you can imagine), where they were supposed to. And these people listened, and applauded, and came up and shook my hand afterward.

Potty topics are an amazing part of our society. It's one of the last taboos, something everyone does, but nobody wants to talk about (aside from 11-year-old boys, that is).

So, as I see stories I want to comment on, I will no longer be afraid to descend to the level of pee humor.

It's in my blood.

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