Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apple does it again, but why?

So yesterday Apple launched the iPod nano. It’s the newest iPod innovation since the shuffle, and people are talking about how revolutionary it is. I don’t get it. They just made it smaller. What’s the big deal?

"iPod nano is the biggest revolution since the original iPod," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "iPod nano is a full-featured iPod in an impossibly small size, and it's going to change the rules for the entire portable music market."
Don’t get me wrong. I love my iPod mini. The trademark white earbuds are in right now, currently playing “Voodoo Cadillac” by Southern Culture on the Skids (although it really seems to be in a Germs mood today; random has been playing a Germs tune every three songs or so). I’ve had my mini since I got it for my birthday in June (thanks to my lovely wife), and it’s pretty much a necessity.

Yet, I don’t see the nano being a necessity, and I am a gadget junkie! I’m viewing the nano like I view those Razor phones. It’s really cool, but it's still just a thin cell phone. I bet people will accidentally be busting nanos in their pockets regularly in the near future, just like the criticism I've heard on the Razors.

But that’s not even my beef with the hype. I think I just can’t believe everyone thinks the fact that they found a way to make the mini thinner is all that innovative. It’s cool, but it’s not earth-shattering science. It’s like the White Stripes; they make great music, but they’re not the musical pioneers that Rolling Stone wants you to think.


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Anonymous said...

It's not so much that it's any more innovative than the iPod itself. It's just that they took a mini and stuffed it (along with a color screen) into something about the size of a shuffle.

And as a shuffle owner, I have to tell you, the longer you own one, the more it blows your mind. It's so small.

I think this is cool, although if (like you) I already owned a mini, I'd see very little need for it.