Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Any Press is Good Press!

Today's Detroit News has a write-up in the Fitness Section on Punk Fitness Detroit, with quotes by yours truly! It doesn't paint the most flattering portrait of me "with beer and cigarettes in hand", but whattayagonnado? For the record, I told the interviewer that the class was supplementing my training for November's Iceman race, but did she mention that? No.

Punk Fitness is a class I've been taking part in for almost a year now. We meet at bars throughout Detroit, and have a formal workout class. It's a surprisingly tough class, with cardio and strength training. Our instructor Julie is certified, and certifiable, and is an old-school Detroit punk to boot! The class is fun, the music is great, and when the workout is done, you only have to walk across the room to grab a beer (or you can be like me, and partake in a beer before and sometimes during class as well). What's more perfect than that!?!?

During the summer, I take the class once a week, down at the Belmont on Tuesdays, to supplement my mountain biking; during the winter I'll go more often. It's a great night out, and a great way to stay in shape without feeling like you're exercising.

Check out the Punk Fitness Detroit site for more info, including class schedules, and photos of me that make me look a bit... let's just say reduced in mental capacities.

Note: If you read closely, you'll notice that the article was written by none other than Wendy Case of the Paybacks.

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