Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mow swiftly, my friend. Mow... for FREEDOM!

Some guy in Omaha mowed a curse word into his front lawn and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It’s protected by his First Amendment rights.

The story itself is rather amusing, but I think what everyone really wants to know is what is the phrase? Although, I think we can hazard a guess:
"When I first saw it, I saw the big U, and I had to back up just to see if that's what it really said," he said.

Yeah, I think we all know what it probably says.

It reminds me of an event from high school. My best friend’s mom traveled out of town on business for a week. She left him charge of a few things; caring for his siblings, cleaning the house, feeding the dog, etc. She also left him in charge of the lawn.

Now, he lived in a really nice neighborhood; it was the nicest subdivision in our small town. We “affectionately” referred to it as “Snob’s Knob”, and it was home to several local doctors and many of our teachers. His house sat atop a gently sloping hill.

The lawn was quite tall and needed to be mowed on the day his mom left, and needless to say, he didn’t mow it that day, or the next. We spent the week hanging out, and listening to music, and being bums. And the grass kept getting taller.

Ok, it’s the day his mom is coming home. The proper thing to do would be to mow the lawn, and say nothing about it. No harm, no foul, right? Not this time.

He got out his brother’s Led Zeppelin boxed set, you know, the one with the crop circles on the cover? And took the mower out to that hill and mowed a 50-foot identical reproduction of the crop circles onto that broad, gently sloping hill. And as a piece de resistance, he put up a six-foot inflatable Godzilla, surveying the masterpiece.

It was magnificent. We both thought so. Right about then, his mom pulled up. She didn’t agree.

And there is nothing in the First Amendment preventing you from being grounded for exercising your right of expression.

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