Tuesday, September 20, 2005

But who would win in a fight between these guys and ninjas?

National Geographic has a story on Lucha Libre, Mexico’s masked wrestlers. It’s a pretty interesting piece, but not very in depth. It’s actually quite superficial and fluffier than anything you’d expect from National Geographic. Even on their Website.

But, if you read into the article, there is a buried tidbit that is one of the most earth-shattering truths I’ve encountered on the Interweb so far this week, and it’s already Tuesday. These guys are quite possibly the greatest athletes of all time. Say what you want about American professional wrestling, but Mexican luchadores are the real thing. It says so.
From the article:
"We've fought Japanese, Guatamalans, Panemanean, Carribbean, and Americanos. But American lucha is fake, not like ours," Diablo says.

See? That guy said it, and National Geographic printed it. That’s all the proof I need.

Which really explains the masks if you think about it. Anyone who would be able to perform those theatrics for real in the wrestling ring would have to be a superhero. A masked wrestler would be the perfect superhero secret identity.

It’s just like Southern Culture on the Skids sang about Santo:
By day a famous wrestler, by night a superhero; protecting the world from infamous bad guys and chicks…


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