Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Science Ruins Saturday Night for Teenage Rednecks

Two scientists at the University of Columbia have just released the findings of their latest study. The results of this study are likely to surprise hillbilly high-schoolers across the country.

Cowtipping is just a myth.

Even though it's something you probably have heard about people engaging in when you were a teen, physics prove it's simply impossible to push over a cow.

According to the facts, it would require five people to overpower the mass of a cow. Two may be able to do it; but only if they were strong and fast, and the cow the did not react at all. This is highly unlikely, as cow is a living, breathing animal that is not going to stand still while you push at it.

Cows, it's also noted, do not sleep soundly while standing, and will hear anyone trying to sneak up on them, especially due to the primary attribute of cowtippers, which they also point out:
Most of these ‘athletes’ are intoxicated.

What are these country kids supposed to do for fun now?

Check out the article. It has a great graphic explaining the physics behind cowtipping as well. Link


stray_thoughts said...

Unfortunately, I'm sure that there are now a larger number of people who are motivated to try this inhumane & infantile prank b/c they say it can't be done...
...so when are we going!

stray_thoughts said...

You're right, that diagram was nice...as was the use of the actual cow pushing formula...I smell a Nobel Prize in Physics!

...or maybe I'm smelling the cow?

Segue said...

Smells like "MythBusters" to me.

I'm surprised it hasn't been on the show.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

There's always mudding and throwing beer bottles at road signs, and smashing mail boxes with baseball bats, and stealing road signs and putting them in people's yards, and TPing houses, sex in the back of cars, skinny dipping at the reservoir...Plus, there are OTHER unmentionable things rumored to go on between country boys and farm animals. (Cue dueling banjos)<--sorry, that went too far.
I was a rural kid, and I did one or two of these things. I never tried to tip a cow. Farmers get really pissed if they catch you messing with the herd.