Tuesday, November 15, 2005

God Bless America!

At times, I am highly critical of many things within this country. It more or less stems from my opinion of the Bush administration; but I personally feel that the current administration has sent us to a war built on lies, led to unnecessary suffering in poor management of areas hit by hurricanes, crippled the American economy, and created an environment where intolerance is pretty much openly encouraged.

That being said, occasionally I come across things that make me happy, if not proud, to be American.

At least in America, one can recover from surgery peacefully in the hospital without worrying about whether ants are going to eat your eyeball.

In India, nurses told a diabetic woman recovering from surgery that the pain she was feeling was natural as she recovered from infection. Her family removed the bandages the next day and discovered that ants had been “nibbling” on the lady’s eye.

The hospital’s statement?

It’s not uncommon for ants to attack diabetic patients.
So tonight, as you reflect on the day, or while you’re watching the news, fuming over the idiocy of the GW Bush administration, repeat this phrase to yourself at least once:

Oh well, it’s better than having ants eat your eyeball.
As for me, I think this may be my new mantra.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Well said. I shall remember this.
And it is very true.
My hubbie, at 21 years of age had no health insurance. We were poor college students banking on our good health getting us through.

So he smoked a Cuban (er, not Cuban, no. It was a perfectly legal cigar come to think of it) one Christmas...out in the subzero weather. He came down with a nasty cold, that deteriorated into breathing problems.
He was starting to get delirious, so off to the ER we went.
Full blown pneumonia! Who knew? Spent a week on oxygen.

Could have thrown our asses into debtors prison, but instead, compassionate people waved his bill, and we were able to return to worrying about the normal financial concerns.

We have vowed to give back when we can.
There are tremendous people in this country.

tanagrame said...

Except when you have no health insurance (aka, ME). In which case America sucks because that nagging thing in your eye is that fact that you get no surgery to begin with.