Thursday, November 03, 2005

Criminal Foiled by Fashion Faux pas

A stupid criminal was stopped in my neighborhood this weekend because his pants had fallen down.

The man, who pleaded guilty to stealing DVDs from a video store and resisting arrest, was caught while trying to flee. From the article:

Officers spotted him in an alley, and he abandoned the bike and ran, but his pants fell to his ankles and he tripped, Ferndale Detective Sgt. Patrick Jones told The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak. "Finally, he kicked off his pants and shoes" and then jumped a fence into the backyard of a house where he was captured, Jones said.

I thought baggy pants were so 1999, but apparently they are still de rigueur for the criminally inept.

I hope nobody was hanging out in that back yard, only to be greeted by a man with no pants or shoes hopping their fence.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Oh, for corn sakes!

Can they get him on an indecent exposure charge?

tanagrame said...

Ferndale. Indecent exposure. Hmmmm. How much of that do you think is going on? Uhhh, sorry. I love Ferndale. Really!!!!!

Segue said...

Real criminals wear chicken suits.