Saturday, November 19, 2005

Alaska's sleeping in this morning...

I heard on the news that when the sun set on Barrow, Alaska last night, that was all the sun they get for the next 66 days.

I couldn't handle that. At least we have sun to go along with our cold here.

Like today. It's cold, but it's sunny. And I know that the sun will continue to come up.

It's just the cold I could do without.

Oh well, it’s better than having ants eat your eyeball.



Anonymous said...

This is why I can't live in Alaska...

Talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder!

I would be comatose for two and a half months every year!

You can keep the ants... ;)


Chep said...

Cold I don't mind - it's the HEAT I can't stand.

I'm with you I would hate not having at least SOME sun!