Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ummm the dog ate my homework, that's why it's late...

Writer mom gave us all an assignment: draw your favorite inanimate object. It was due today at noon. I actually did mine on Friday, but due to a network outage, I am posting it a few hours late.

Remember, I am not an artist, but here it is.

Know what it is? It's my bike. It's also an exercise in perspective. If you haven't figured it out, picture yourself laying on the floor, head on towards the bike, like it's about to run over your head.

There you go.


Jennifer said...

I feel so horrible for coloring you "shirker." I take back all the evil things I thought about you. Should have known you'd draw the thing closest to your crotch, I mean, heart. Awesome bike, Alpharat! Very cool.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

So thought provoking! Have you faced a wheel from this angle? Yee Gads!

Okay, I confess...because I'm from Indiana, first glance I thought, "Corn is his favorite inanimate object?"
But now I totally get it, and it's very cool.
Must have been difficult to sketch, leaning over the handle bars.
Power failure is excused.

Who's writing the cycling story, then? Jamoker is the cyclist in the family. He would make fun of my inaccuracies. Perhaps there is an Angry Monkey story that needs told?

tanagrame said...

Sweet sketch! I had no idea of the multitudes of talent coming out of the Coop! It shows up everytime ya turn around.