Sunday, November 13, 2005

Say hello to my little friend

It's been a beautiful weekend here, perfect for finishing up all of those outdoor projects that need to get done. This weekend, I wanted to rake, and put away patio furniture, maybe mow the lawn one last time, and Saturday was such a beautiful day, so perfect for it...

So I went biking instead.

Sunday, I managed to get some of the stuff done. I put all the patio cushions in the basement, and covered the patio furniture with tarps.

These were tarps that were in the back of my shed. As I pulled the last tarp out to cover up the patio chairs, I saw movement against the wall, behind a rake, under where the tarp I had just grabbed had been sitting.

This guy was sleeping in my shed, under the tarp.

The last time I looked, he was still in there. I hope he leaves tonight. Anyway, he was next to my lawnmower and rakes, so at least I have an excuse for not doing the rest of the yard work.


Jennifer said...

Squeeeeee! Last time I saw a 'possum was in the alley next to my office. It was ripe. Nobody would deal with it. I had to bag it and dispose of it because the flies were just taking too darn long.

I much prefer the furry, living breathing version in your shed.

Jennifer said...

PS: Can I borrow your post hole digger?

alpharat said...

Post hole diggers are an interesting piece of hardware in that nobody you've ever met has ever bought a set.

I'm sure that, at one point in the distant past, during the veiled beginnings of human existance, somebody bought some, but then at that point, they used them and loaned them out, because really, how often do you need to dig a post hole?

My father-in-law gave me those when I built my deck. He didn't want them back, and in fact someone has passed them to him after they used them. These will sit in my shed until someone I know is building a deck, a fence, or just an elaborate post sculpture.

The cycle will begin anew.

Anonymous said...

This fella will not leave your shed. Ever.

Screaming, poking, hosing -- nope. Won't budge. They "play possum" -- that's why they call it that.
And they will NOT leave!

English Gardens sells an ingenious product called "fox urine," which is a natural deterrent to these little buggers. Much nicer than traps, and a pleasant way to say "get the hell out of my shed!" (if you really want him out, that is).

Yes, it's predator piss. In dehydrated, crystalline form. And it works wonders. Smells like hell (so don't get it on your pants!), but a few shakes on him, where he's sleeping, all around the place...and he's gone.

No blood, no cruelty......just piss.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

My goodness.

And now I'm imagining you carefully handling a container of urine. Or maybe it crossed your mind..."Would mine work?"
Or maybe you thought, 'The hell with it. Aside from the ugly tail, he's not so bad.'

Can we keep him? Huh, Alpharat? Please? He could have his own blog..."My Pet People. The Life of a Modern Day Oppossum."

I'm an animal softy today. My cat is roaming around the neighborhood, leaving a trail of blood behind him.
Was probably bit by a 'possum.

tanagrame said...

Glad this possum didn't end up as a part of early Thanksgiving dinner.

Segue said...

Mmm... Pickled Possum!

So, where do they get the fox urine? How much does a fox-"milker" get paid an hour?