Friday, November 11, 2005

Green puppies, the perfect gift for everyone on your list

A golden retriever puppy born last week in Northern California came out more green than gold. How punk rock is that?

The puppy, named Wasabi, was green at birth, but apparently this has nothing to do with the mother being made of cheap gold (Gold? Golden retriever? Cheap gold turns your finger… oh, forget it). Veterinarians say this is possible if the placenta, which is green, rubs off on the puppy during birth.

The article doesn’t mention if the puppy will be green forever. We can only hope so.

It also fails to mention how much funnier this would be if the puppy were an Irish setter.

I always wondered if we could get some designer dogs done up in different colors. A plaid puppy perhaps? I’m also surprised evolution never created plaid or floral print puppies. Plaid and floral prints would probably help them blend into furniture and drapes, ensuring the survival of the domestic dog.

There are a few more photos at the Link.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

As cute as this is, I'm glad my children didn't come out green. Imagine the explanations in stores to strangers who stop by the stroller to coo. "It was my placenta, see." The Enquirer would have a field day with alien invasion speculation.

Chep said...

Great post - made me giggle! Nice cheap gold joke - my father would definately approve!