Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Air drumming is OK, too

I have discovered the cure for a hangover.

You need to drive down the expressway really fast, playing Andrew WK really loud, and do air guitar along with the rhythm guitar.

Make sure you only do the rhythm guitar and not the lead guitar. In the shape you’re in, trying to mimic the lead guitar is not a wise idea. It could be dangerous.

Last night was my wife’s birthday. We went out to eat at Union Street. When we were leaving a homeless woman came up to me. I usually walk right on past the homeless as they ask for money. It’s a well-known scam in Detroit that some homeless people make more than I do, and many are not even homeless. This woman, however, simply said, “please sir, I’m very hungry.”

So I gave her my leftover carryout.

With a soft and simple, “God bless you, sir,” she took the food and walked around the corner to eat meatloaf, mashed potatoes and lobster fettuccini.

It felt really good. I know it will taste a lot better to her than it would to me.

Heading to Paris in a few hours. Talk to you all on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Air guitar on the expressway? Ten and two, buddy.

tanagrame said...

The tricky part is hitting the kick drum. I usually tap my gas pedal ever so lightly.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Etes-vous deja alle en Paris, monsieur?

Safe travels!!!
Happy birthday Ms. Alpha.

*That was a good thing you done, but I've never seen meatloaf and lobster fettuccini as an entree option before.
**My cure for a hangover is throwing up in the middle of the night, btw. My stomach came up with that plan, really. Not me.

Jennifer said...

Are we talking 696 or 94? I think it makes a difference -- air guitar, sure, but the music selection should vary by setting.

Good on you for feeding the hungry.

Have a safe, pleasurable,and hangover-free journey!

fineartist said...

Have fun, be safe, have fun. Air guitar on the highway, hahahhah, wish I coudl have seen that!

Okay, what's up with the word varification calling me a slvutk?

Sluvutky, is that Polish for YOU know?

Segue said...

It's Tuesday, buddy.