Friday, December 09, 2005

Things that make you go "Blak"

In an attempt to appear hip and edgy while maintaining a stranglehold on the world soft drink market, Coke will be launching a coffee/cola concoction next year.

The drink, called Coca-Cola Blak, will be a low-calorie, coffee-infused version of Coca-Cola Classic. Intended to compete with Red Bull and Starbucks at the same time, the drink will launch in France in early 2006, and go worldwide later in the year.

Here's the "buzz" from Coca-Cola's corporate site:
Coca-Cola Blāk is not just a flavor extension. It is a blend of unique Coke refreshment with the true essence of coffee and has a rich smooth texture and has a coffee-like froth when poured. We believe we have created a new category of soft drink – an adult product in a carbonated beverage – and a whole new drinking experience.

Coffee and Coca-Cola; two great tastes that taste "Blak" together.
Link to news story.


fineartist said...

Raise your hand if you are NOT going to drink this sui-cide.

Blak is right, and Buuuooogh.

Jennifer said...

The best thing Coke could ever decide to do, is to switch back to the formula they used before Earl Butts enineered the Great High Fructose Corn Syrup Takeover.

Remember when a real Coke was crisp and refreshing?

Bring that back. I won't drink it, but bring it back anyway!

Stop with the over-innovating already!!!