Friday, December 16, 2005

A piece of fine art for my very own!

I got my Secret Santa gift the other day!

Sorry it took so long to post it, I needed a chance to take a picture.

Thank you FineArtist!

I got a box of smelly goodness! There was piece of art, along with the model! Seriously, how often do you get both?

This theme first appeared in this post by FineArtist.

And here it is now:

This is on my living room floor. I am going to hang it in my office, but my office is in such chaos that I don't want to post a photo of that! Plus, for now, it needs to sit by the tree with the rest of the presents.

There is also a personal note on the drawing. I had a close-up of it, but it also clearly had FineArtist's name, so I opted not to post it. It says "Nag Champa make me feel pretty. I know it's not just me, my brother-in-law says they make him feel pretty too."

The incense will be enjoyed for a while to come, and then I will need to figure out where I can buy own Nag Champa. FineArtist is right, it's an addictive smell; earthy, but not heavy like patchouli. It's very cleansing, and yes, it does make me feel a bit pretty.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

I still need to get my Secret Santa gift. I haven't been slacking, I've been looking for something particular...


Angeline Rose Larimer said...


Merry Christmas!

The Nag Champa couldn't have gone to a nicer guy.

fineartist said...

You little sweetie man...oh man, I love those hard wood floors...

yw, and quality holidays to you and Ms. Alpharat too.

SWSNBN said...

Wandered over here from Zilla's.

I LOVE NAG CHAMPA. It's the best. Sadly, even here in Oregon, it can be hard to come by. Only certain stores carry it and none by my house. Which means I gotta pick it up on my lunch break at work.

If I forget, I'm screwed. :)

I wish someone had given me Nag Champa for Christmas.