Friday, December 02, 2005

A few more Paris photos

I am unprepared for the Day 3 Recap today. Watch for it on Monday.

I will still be posting today, but it will be my usual weirdness, no trip recap.

To tide you over, I do have a few more Day 2 photos... I should also be putting up some other photos this weekend, so check back!

Nicole doing what she does best, outside the Louvre.

The back end of some French Police outside the Louvre.

This is Nike of Samothrace. She is one of the things Nicole looked most forward to seeing. Nicole is up there in the throng somewhere, getting photos and shoving Japanese tourists.

This is Bacchus. He's my homeboy.


fineartist said...

Nike of Samothrace, oh man I can't wait to see her. Me too Nicole. I can imagine her on a ship's prow. Sure would like to see her head too.

I’m drinking up these pictures, thanx.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Is that Quasimodo's shadow behind Bacchus?
Bac and I party, as well.
He must have just gotten out of the pool.