Tuesday, December 13, 2005


One thing about advertising is the schwag. Vendors and suppliers give gifts to their clients and potential clients.

I am just a lowly writer; schwag rarely makes it to me, although I get the occasional piece of trickle-down stuff that's been castaway from higher-ups. But 'tis the season - Nicole and I both got Christmas schwag from clients this year.

She got this lovely box of imported chocolates and truffles from the fine folks at Yahoo.

I got this box of gift wrap and supplies from one of our vendors (Unlike the Yahoo chocolates, when you don't slap your name on it, people forget who it's from... oh well)...

I got it because it came to my boss. She's Jewish.

Nicole's present is tastier; mine is more practical. While we agree on that, we're unsure whose gift is better. I think we're leaning toward the candy, though.


Anonymous said...

Personally I'll take the bows over Yahoo's Blood Candy any old day.

Jennifer said...

We came home to schwag, too:

1 box of Harry & Davd's pears (a little past their prime)

1 box of gourmet cheese and toasted garlic flatbread

72,098,509,384,655 golf calendars

Your schwag is better than our schwag. Luck-eeee!