Monday, December 12, 2005

I think we all knew the robot invasion would come someday...

We, as Americans, have known for a long time that we can't trust Europe. It now seems like they are up to something again, this time involving giant robots.

The European Union is on the forefront of robotics research right now, apparently because of the fact that the countries there are able to play nice with one another.

Among their robotic constructions hellbent on taking over the world is HYDRA. HYDRA is a robotics project based out of Denmark and is purported to be an Honest-To-God Freakin Transformer! From the article:
It is made up of modules, each containing its own processors, batteries, sensors and actuators, which can attach and detach from each other so the robot can change its physical form. Such a robot could be used, for example, in relief efforts after an earthquake, said Henrik Hautop Lund, a professor at the University of Southern Denmark and HYDRA's coordinator. Having driven to a site, the robot could transform into a crawler to climb over debris, a snake to get through a hole, or columns to hold up a collapsed building and protect a survivor.

Give me a call when he figures out how to change from a sweet robot to a wicked Trans Am.



stray_thoughts said...

Give ME a call when the robot fights begin...& I don't mean those cheesy little remote control cars. I'm talk'in some real Johnnie Socko stuff here.

tanagrame said...

Can we borrow the robot and make it President?