Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thank heaven for little girls...

This weekend we went to the other side of the state for a baby shower. My brother is having a baby. Nicole and I are DINKs (Double Income, No Kids), so we are very good at being an aunt and uncle. Maybe we did go a little overboard on baby gifts, though.

But we had to make sure Detroit was represented, ya'll.

We also got to see our nieces (my sister's little girls). Sorry to all of you that have kids, because these are the three most beautiful little girls in the world!

Nicole had work to do, so she brought her laptop. My niece Callie was quite inquisitive about the whole thing, and when she found out that Aunt Nicole made web sites, of course she wanted her own "dot com".

So I urge you all to check out Callie's Corner. I will update it as I get more content.


Anonymous said...

Giving Callyn her own dot com is like Alice giving Jan the special locket.

Jennifer said...

You guys are a walking baby shower! Mom's going to LOVE that baby bath. It's going to save her back.

Hey -- I like that blonde girl in the middle. She's drinking my brand :-)

stray_thoughts said...

Yes, Alpha's Family starts 'em out early & drinks until liver failure.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

This is my kind of baby shower. Cute babes and beer.
It's really what it's all about.
*You guys rock as aunt and uncle, btw. LOVE the Tigers uniform. (It IS Tigers, right? Chet Lemon still play for them? How about Sparky Anderson? Is it still 1984? Yep. Just heard Van Halen on the radio. Whew.)

tanagrame said...

Awww, theys soooo cute.