Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Archaeologists unearth earliest known Emo kid

Archaeologists in Ireland have made a surprising discovery - a prehistoric mummy exhumed from a bog in Ireland was discovered to have used hair gel.

The fashion-conscious mummy used a resin to slick his hair up into a mohawk-shaped style, now commonly known as the fauxhawk, sported by emo rockers nationwide.

Not surprisingly, the earliest known emo rocker appears to have been murdered by an axe to the head before he was disemboweled. Those were simpler times, though, when simply being whiny was grounds for execution.

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Jennifer said...

I see someone's finally found a way to top the eyebrow piercing. I mean, that ear thing. We just don't see that in T.C. I think the absence of lobe is a great place for a tat.

You live to disturb me, don't you?

alpharat said...

It's not my sole objective; it's just sort of a nice bonus.

stray_thoughts said...

It just makes it easier to grab the Little Bastard By The Ear And SCREAM INTO HIS EAR, "WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID!"

I'm sorry, this week needs to end.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

BEFORE he was disemboweled? That's no fun.

(funny guy)