Thursday, January 05, 2006

Angry Monkey prepares for its next polar assault!

So I was neglecting my blog this morning, and in fact all of my morning surfing rituals because of an addiction. I was stuck on the Iceman Web site, clicking “reload” over and over again, watching the counter climb.

I guess that goes along with the whole "mountain biker= adrenaline junkie" stereotype. If you can't be out riding, you can get your fix by clicking reload on theIceman counter!

As of 11:38, Iceman 2006 has all 2,000 racers! That’s it, it’s full.

I want to welcome Mark and Mike to the racing roster. They were an essential part of the Team Angry Monkey support crew last year. This year they will be racing.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

If only it were nice enough to go riding...


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Iceman '06 is going on my calendar. I shall not travel to faraway places. I shall crash the Iceman to greet sweaty people at the finish line with cold Oberon, this in accordance with prophecy.

Train hard.