Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dodge's new concept appeals to everyone - even naked ladies

The North American International Auto Show is in Detroit every year, and it’s one of the big ones. It’s where all of the automakers unveil their new models and their upcoming concepts.

One of the cool new concepts is the new Dodge Challenger. It really looks like a sweet old muscle car, and it simply oozes with bad boy attitude. It’s the kind of car you’d expect to find on a calendar in some grease monkey’s garage, complete with a nude chick posing on the hood.

That’s apparently what someone was thinking when they snuck a “tipsy blonde woman” into the show around 2:30 am Monday to pose nude on the hood of the Challenger. Security guards found the woman atop the car while “more than a dozen others gawked and snapped photos with camera phones.”

Just goes to show - the new Dodge Challenger really is a chick magnet.

Link to story
Link to North American International Auto Show site


Anonymous said...

"We want people to love these cars but not in that way."

I lost it.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...


Gotta say, I was a little worried clicking on your link.

tanagrame said...

I saw a dusty orange one today with black stripes. Sweet! Still think it looks like a plastic Matchbox though.

Chep said...

Yeah this baby is sweet!!

If I don't have children when it's time to get another car - this is one of the choices...I do hear that they are bringing back the Firebird.