Monday, February 06, 2006

Detroit Shines Brightly, For a Few Days Anyway

Super Bowl has come and gone. All in all, it went pretty well. The snow never managed to shut down the city, and the main complaints I've heard have to do with long waits for shuttle busses.

There were two murders, but they seem to have, so far, not been played up too heavily in the media. So that won't drag Detroit's name down too much.

A bunch of us went down on Friday night to walk around, and see what there was to see. It was pretty magical, to see the city all lit up and full of people. Amazing.

Nicole wants to go back down to these places sometime next week, and take photos of how desolate these places are once again. It will be an interesting comparison, as well as saddening.

Some of these photos are not great, this is because it's hard to shoot a camera with a beer in your hand... that's right, they threw out the open intox laws for the weekend.

All the Motown greats seemed to be somewhere in town this weekend.

Even the walking undead wouldn't miss a street party of this scale...

But nobody, not even the zombies, got into the Kimmel compound without a ticket.

I think that this year, the Lions are allowing walk-on tryouts to replace Joey Harrington. What could it hurt?

This is one of the many restaurants that seemed to appear overnight for the Super Bowl, but will probably be gone by tomorrow.

Vanity plate on a shuttlebus with an attitude.

After we walked the length of the festival, we went to the infamous Foran's (originally mentioned here). One of the two murders this weekend happened right outside. It was amazing to see it full of people, but they seemed to be ill-prepared, and ran out of beer by midnight or so. I like this surreal shot I took from the balcony.

Foran's is a great metaphor for Detroit. Fill it up with people and have a great party for the weekend. You might fool the out of towners, but underneath it all...

It's still Detroit.

Tune in later this week for some of Nicole's amazing photos of the Detroit Super Bowl Experience...


Jennifer said...

Great post, Alpharat, as was the linked post about Foran's. Looking foward to Nicole's pictures.

All in all, I guess this series is making me kind of sad, though. I would love to see Detroit rise from the ashes.

Did they ever take Coleman Young's name off the water tower near the zoo? We moved away when Archer still hadn't done anything about that.

I still blame Young.

You know what I miss? Tuning into Bill Bonds, never knowing what was going to come out of his mouth. So many people made fun of him, but I had a real soft spot in my heart for him somehow.

alpharat said...

A lot of people blame Young (myself included), but Kilpatrick is a newer version of him with the same "us against the suburbs" mentality.

Archer's name eventually made it up to the tower, now Kwame is up there.

Another thing that really makes me mad is that Kwame is trying to take credit for brining the Super Bowl and All-Star game here; Archer signed the deals for both of those years ago.

Bill Bonds is still around; he makes furniture commercials, and my friend watched him get "overserved" at a bar in the middle of the afternoon recently.

stray_thoughts said...

Unfortunately, no more live TV for Bill though.

Archer should get the credit for landing both events, but I think Kwame landed the Women's Professional Bowling Association World Championship Tournament for later this year, or is it next year. I'll definately have tickets for that!

This could still be the major turning point for Detroit...
I'd hoped that it would change Detroit's image in the eyes of the world, but not really b/c I like it when people slowly back away when you say your from Detroit. More importantly, I'd hoped that it would change Detroit's image in the eyes of Detroiters and a lot of suburbanites...
unfortunately it now falls to Kwame to keep the city from back-sliding...