Friday, February 03, 2006

No Jacket Required

While I realize I am really talking up my fair city this week, it's really an exciting time to be here. For this week, Detroit has been getting a lot of press, and it's been mostly positive. It's bringing people from all over the country here for the week, to party and experience everything the city has to offer.

Now what if you're here, and you're planning on attending a formal occasion, and you're not sure what to wear? For men, the tuxedo is always classic, but women have more options. So this week, the Detroit News did a fashion feature on women's formal attire, with the help of some of Detroit's best-dressed: the penguins at the Detroit Zoo.

There's only a few photos, but they're really fun and cool, and I thought it was another great way to promote a Detroit attraction.

Additionally, they mentioned in the piece that the Detroit Zoo is now offering visitors a chance to hang out with and feed the penguins. How sweet would that be? Unfortunately, it has a $500 price tag, so I'll need to have a benefit just to get the money to go. Who knew that the penguins had figured out how to charge cover for their own Super Bowl party?

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Angeline Rose Larimer said...

First, I'm very disappointed this wasn't a Phil Collins review.

Second, were they trying to make it look like her arm is leaning on & smooshing that poor penguin in the back?
As for the OTHER penguin...clearly he's a breast man. Or maybe she's wearing a necklace of birdseed to get him in that provocative pose?

*When you said the photos are really fun and cool, were you being punny?

Speaking in puns, you 'quack quack' me up. (I do not know if that's the official animal sound of penguins, but a quack/crack pun is always good to end on.)

Jennifer said...

Put me down for ten bucks on the Alpharat Feeds The Penguins pledge list! I want a first hand account of what that poor model's olfactory system must have gone through for the pretty picture!

stray_thoughts said...

Oh god...the smell of the penguin house...right up there with hippos, rhinos, and elephants. That model is either a terrific actress or she burned out all olfactory sense on cocaine.
Judging by the look on her face, the latter.