Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yes, but is it art?

Three Orangutans in Tokyo's Tama Zoo Park have taken up drawing with crayons.

This is Mori, also known as "Great Artist Mori". Mori is 54. She has completed 20 drawings using a combination of different colors, but her favorites are blue and gray.

This is Gypsy with her grandson Poppy. Gypsy has completed about 15 drawings. Her favorite colors are blue and yellow.

They never show the drawings though. I'm willing to bet they probably suck.


stray_thoughts said...

You know Letterman has a bit where he, Paul Schaefer, & the announcer (who's name escapes me) try to determine whether a painting has been made by an ape or an artist (and occasionally they throw in a third topical category). Anyway, it's almost always a gorilla or orangutan and Letterman always guesses an artist. At first, I think he didn't think the apes could make "art", but now I think he guesses artist all the time b/c he's expecting them to sneak in an actual artist. Of course, what artist wants their paintings compared to a gorilla's? And it is just a comedy bit on Letterman.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Stray Thoughts...Where's your blog??

Alpharat...I'd like to see you swing from tree to tree, holding a bunch of bananas in your toes!
Maybe they eat their drawings before anyone can photograph them?

Sassy said...

They prob do suck, but I would totally buy one! :D LOL

stray_thoughts said...

My blog...uh...well my blog is an inner dialogue that never reaches a meaningful resolution and therefore is rendered meaningless before it even begins.

But your both right...I would so pay money for primate art! Framed & on the wall.
...and I would also pay money to see Alpharat swing from tree to tree, holding bananas in his toes!

Jennifer said...

Hmmm. What would Rudy Arnheim say?

Personally, I like elephant paintings, and I'd like to see Alpharat hold a peanut in his nose.