Friday, February 10, 2006

We're Gettin' Dirty Tonight!

Tonight is the opening night of the Dirty Show!

For the past four years, Nicole has been a part of the Dirty Show. She is participating again this year.

For those of you outside the Detroit Area, the Dirty Show is Detroit's erotic art exhibition. It takes place every year around Valentine's Day. Erotic artists from around the world show their stuff, and artists who don't normally do erotic work do it for the Dirty Show. It's one part art exhibition, one part raunchy joke, and two parts giant-ass party. It's like the art world's version of The Aristocrats.

In addition to the art, there are live performances. This year it includes performances by Detroit's burlesque troupe, The Hell's Belles (some of whom are fellows members of Punk Fitness), and all sorts of other freaks who feel like shaking their things on stage.

We were at the gallery last night, helping set up, and we got a sneak preview of the art. I can honestly say this is the best and biggest Dirty Show yet! There were pieces from as far away as Italy and Switzerland, and the space is looking really cool this year, too (and I helped!).

If you're in the area this weekend, check out the Dirty Show. If you leave blushing, everything is as it should be.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hyphens, I initially read that as "giant ass-party," which may or may not make someone want to go.

I'll try not to get jacked on the street this year. That really put a damper on things, plus I missed John Sinclair.

alpharat said...

Yeah, although, at this thing, giant ass-parties are not out of the question. There was the performance by "Poo-Casso" that one year...