Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fun with Numbers, Super Bowl style

Here's a list of fun Super Bowl XL stats from the Detroit Free Press:

Number of hot dogs, bricks of chili and Vidalia onions at American and Lafayette Coney Islands: 20,000 dogs, 400 (5.75-pound) bricks, 2,000 onions
Tons of snow made for the Motown Winter Blast? Minimum of 2,000
Bookmarks at Borders? 25,000
Tons of rock salt stockpiled in case of snow? 50
Tons of shrimp, crab and lobster at Ford Field events? 1 each
Rolls of toilet paper for Ford Field activities? 3,360
Souvenir cups? 40,000
Brats and pounds of fresh roasted poblano peppers at Ford Field? 12,000 brats, 1,000 pounds

That's a lot of TP.

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