Saturday, February 11, 2006

Photos from Dirty Show Friday Night

Last night at the Dirty Show was a blast! And Saturday night is usually even more over the top, so we'll see where it all goes!
A shot from the balcony of the gallery. That is a giant penis costume. It's similar to the Chinese parade dragon costumes, but this one is a penis.

A guy getting his head pierced. He bled all over when the needles came out.

Agent Paprika and some Dirty Girls (Actually, the girls are members of Causing a Scene).

We all talked about chipping in on this piece. It was $9,000.

Nicole and Eric, pointing out Nicole's piece on the wall.

We made good Karma that night by taking a couple back to their hotel. They had been waiting in front of the gallery for a cab for 45 minutes, and nobody at the cab company would tell them anything other than it was coming. There's Detroit for you; all those cabs that were in town for the Super Bowl have returned from whence they came.

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