Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Everybody in this town has Super Bowl fever, even The Mydols.

In order to make this my second Dodge-related post of the day, let it be known that the Dodge Grand Caravan is the official minivan of the Mydols.

Last night, at Punk Fitness, Julie played the latest single by Detroit's finest Mom-rockers, The Mydols, and it absolutely rocks! It's called Thank God for the Super Bowl, and it's seriously a great song by a great band.

In the words of the Mydols:
Thank God for the Super Bowl is a united sigh of relief from wives, mothers and girlfriends around the breast of this land for they do not have to think about mundane issues like equality, love, and respect. No, for this one near biblical day of manlihood, they need only to have to focus on how they can best serve the hairy gorillas that have placed their feet on their grandmother’s antique coffee table.

Check out their site, where you can hear the new song for free, as well as order the CD!

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OneMoreSnooze said...

LOVE it! Had no idea these guys existed. I must catch them some time. Hey -- catching up on you -- LOVE the parking lot story... chrissakes. Good Lord. Thank God Detroit has Kwame to save it. I mean, sersly....