Thursday, October 30, 2008

I think it bears mentioning...

my wedding day
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That it was nine years ago today that I said, "I Do." With those two words, my best friend also became my wife.

As this cryptic photo shows, things were just as crazy then as they are now.

Nine years has seemed like a drop in a bucket, so here's to the bucket taking a long, long, looooong time to fill up.


Jennifer said...

Is the 9th anniversary the Rubber Nose Anniversary?

Happy anniversary, and many happy returns.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Next year, I vote you put together a reunion shot.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and have a great time this weekend.


fineartist said...

That was a pretty cool way to wish for the healthy longevity of your lives together, I loved it.

Congrats, late, but still hearty.

Anonymous said...

Marriage can be a circus, so I think y'all got a good start! ;)

TW & I have been together 22 years this New Years Eve. There are days when I am still amazed that it has been that long. Doesn't seem like it could be!

Congratulations on number 9!