Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The great purge

TFN and I are in the middle of a giant purge. We are throwing out and donating many of our worldlies. A few weeks ago, it was a garbage bag of shoes (no small feat (feet?) for TFN, because she bears a fondness toward footwear that borders on obsession) and another of coats.

I have been gifting books to friends under the condition that they be passed on and not returned.

We simply want to end up with less clutter. Less stuff.

Apparently, this need to purge has entered the subconscious areas governing our basic motor skills as well, because in the past few weeks, we have also accidentally broken more dishes that we have in the entire time we've been together, Glasses, coffee mugs, a bowl; it's like the dishes have gone suicidal, and our seeking ways to meet untimely demises under the guise of butterfingered accidents.



Jennifer said...

They're museum-worthy.

I used to get so pissed off over broken dishes and glassware. A kid (typically Moose) would drop a glass and my knee-jerk response would be "goddammit!"

I don't remember when I decided to give that whole angry-bitch reaction up -- probably about the same time I started buying glassware in bulk from Wall*Mart?

Last week, in a clumsy attempt to load the dishwasher, I broke an expensive crystal wine glass. Moose, voce mocciosa*, said, "OOOOOOOOPS, that was one of the good ones!"

I said, "Yeah. The good ones make a prettier sound when they break."

Did you LOVE the dish-breaking scene in "Martian Child," or what????

Speaking of Mars, Mercury is retrograde until the 14th. The astro-climate is ripe for accidents.

*voce mocciosa is made-up Italian for "in a snotty tone."

alpharat said...

Fear not, the Kitty Shoes are staying with her, as they rightfully belong.