Friday, October 03, 2008

Could it be?

Yes, it’s Friday!

Last night’s show was amazing, a packed house of kids dancing and singing and having a great time. The crowd ranged from 40-year-old skins to 16-year-old punks and there were no issues, nobody got hurt, and the bands and the crowd kicked ass. I even took a few laps in the circle pit during Flatfoot 56’s set, something I decided I was too old for a few years ago.

And let me tell you, until you've heard a crowded punk bar sing "Amazing Grace" together, you've never really heard that song.

The nation could take a lesson from this crowd, because we can apparently get along and play nicely quite well.

Moving along, this post is actually for Z- In response to this post. Here's my reply:

Doesn’t that just make you feel better? No? Not yet?

Let’s try again:

There, if you’re not feeling great now, I don’t know what to tell you. There’s something seriously wrong with you.

Now please, carry on with your weekend. It’s Friday, bitches!


One more thing. Sorry to harsh your Friday after I pumped you up with those great feelings, but here’s more sad cycling news (because that’s what I’m good at):

I just received word that, as of tomorrow, the Great Demoralizer will be no more. The Great Demoralizer is the first hill on the 20-some mile Potowatomi trail, so named because it’s a craggy, tall climb that destroys you just to get to the top. Then once you clear this hill, muscles screaming and lungs blown out, the realization sets in that you have over 20 miles left to go. Somehow, I call this fun.

Part of the reason it’s so difficult and demoralizing is the erosion damage that contributes to its roughness. It’s an environmentally sound choice to eliminate it, rerouting to a better construction in a less steep climb.

Still, I’m going to miss it, and I wish I would have known about this sooner so it could have kicked my ass just one more time.

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Jennifer said...

So, we're all swilling coffee in the jungle room this morning, and I say to Younger Eena, "Cover your ears, honey, I'm about to play a video that might be naughty."

She gave me "the look."

I played the video.

She said, "I want it on my MySpace."

Then I played the second video and MrZ said, "What the fuck was THAT?"

"That was Alpharat, delivering."


Did anyone record "Amazing Grace?" Sounds awesome!