Thursday, October 02, 2008

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Music of the moment: Street Dogs

So, that VP debate is tonight, but I will not be viewing. TFN and I have tickets to see Street Dogs, a hard-working blue-collar punk band from Boston. They sing about worker’s rights, taking pride in yourself and taking care of your friends – the sort of thing that should be talked about at the debate but probably won’t.

It may be escapist, but an evening in the microcosm of a rock club where the ideals getting thrown around consist of drinking beer with your friends and looking out for one another is exactly what I need. What I don't need are more mindlessly awful Palin soundbites.

I don’t really think Palin is the devil per se, but she definitely just scares me because of her apparent lack of knowledge and her apparent view of being OK with that. She just babbles and throws out talking points without really ever saying anything, and some people eat that up.

Biden will have a hard time with this debate because he addresses issues with facts, while what I’ve seen from her, she resorts to colloquialisms, pandering and cutesy anecdotes. And if he tries to confront her with facts or force an answer, he may come across as a bully, pushing around dear sweet Sarah Palin, the backwoods hockey mom.

Then again, she may have a hidden ace and we may be incredibly surprised by her performance, because she apparently reads all of the news written anywhere, ever.

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Jennifer said...

You always share the best music videos.

I think Sarah got flustered, not wanting to admit she reads Cosmo and Redbook exclusively, two periodicals well-known for their expository writing on driving one's man to the brink of exhaustion via sexual pleasure, not to mention their helpful tips on having better, more frequent, longer-lasting, and multiple orgasms.

And if she had admitted that, I think even Katie would've respected her enough to throw in a few tips of her own, don't you?

Have some fun tonight.