Saturday, October 04, 2008

Amazing Grace

Z asked if anybody had recorded "Amazing Grace" with Flatfoot 56 the other night. While I don't know about that, here they are playing it elsewhere, and it was pretty similar:

It's so far been a positively great weekend in the Motor City. It started with chciken wings, beer and a three-way of intellectual intercourse with A of the K&A faction last night, prompting sleeping in this morning before a trip to the Eastern Market and a stop in at Vivio's for more than a few of the absolute best Bloody Marys in the city.

Good Market Day
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Trips to the Eastern Market are always so much fun. Aside from getting delicious fresh produce, there's always the "run-in factor," the old friends that we'll see that we haven't seen in months. Today it was an old artist friend we hadn't ssen in a year and a musician friend (who holds the long-running title for being the girl who gives out the best hugs) that we hadn't seen in half a year.

Now at this point, we're not even halfway through the weekend; we still have a lot to go. Tonight, it's dinner with Mr. and Ms. Yoda and an Orbitsuns show. Tomorrow, it's a few hours with the best haircutter in the city, and then a bike ride.

This truly is the type of weekend that needs to be fully enjoyed.

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Jennifer said...


Especially love the pipes.

Plus, this is the best Sunday ever. Moose's 22nd birthday, and he didn't wake up in jail this morning!!!

Last night he played $10 in a slots tournament against a bunch of senior citizens, and won, and used his $200 in winnings to buy a round for his buddies before heading to McDonald's to buy them "dinner," and then to the grocery store to buy a bag of kibble for a friend who took in a pitbull as a favor to someone else, thinking said pitbull wouldn't mind living on table scraps, which it probably wouldn't, but I guess Moose was feeling "nurturing" after bilking the elderly out of $190 in quarters, which is ... completely in keeping with the idea that grace is a free gift. I guess.

Come on over for Mom's Meatloaf and Batman cake!