Wednesday, March 01, 2006


City taxes are pretty high in my hood, but we do get a bunch of decent city services that coincide. One of these is the fact that our garbage restrictions are very limited, meaning we can throw out most anything on the curb for trash day, including massive objects and dead appliances.

This has created a place for scrappers.

Scrappers patrol the hoods on trash day, collecting appliances, lawnmowers, building materials and scrap metal. I assume they fix what can be fixed, and sell what they can. It's pretty amazing to see how high these trucks get piled, their suspension sagging under the weight.

In such a distressed economy, it's an interesting profession to consider. People are always going to make trash, and scrapping is also a bit of an environmentalist profession. It keeps many things out of the landfills, and gets them back into circulation.

So here's to scrappers, and the part they play in saving the world.


stray_thoughts said...

Until the picture came up, I thought this blog was about people who like to get into disappointed...

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Amen to the scrappers. My Dad is their Messiah.

Where do you live? If you see a blue truck attached to a horse trailer, it just might be my Dad.

Anonymous said...

These same folks were in my neighborhood a week or two ago. I misunderstood their mission and asked if they wanted to take an old couch and a chair off my hands. They declined with a smile, telling me they were only after metal.