Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hoop! There it is... A few photos from the Punk Fitness Detroit Demo

It was a ball of chaos, but the Punk Fitness Detroit demo went very well last night. I participated, but managed to step aside and grab a few photos (OK, it's because I don't Hoop). So here are a few of the better ones. I wasn't able to get everyone, but I did the best I could in a few minutes.

This is Julie, our fearless leader.

And here's a few of the Hoopers (one of these days I'm going to remember this camera has a Red-Eye Reduction Thingie):

I think this is my favorite one from the evening. This captures the true essence of Punk Fitness Detroit.

1 comment:

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Any exercise that includes beer and cigarettes is my kind of workout.
I'm not that good at bowling, but I can swivel my hips!

Those are some hot babes! Especially that third one!