Thursday, March 02, 2006


In addition to coming to see the Punk Fitness Detroit demo, some people also came to see the bands. Here's a few photos from Crud's set.

Crud ripped it up, tore it down, flipped it over, set it on fire, and then turned it in for the insurance money.

Granted, I'm no artist, and it's not much of a camera, but I've been trying to take photos of live bands without a flash. I like the effect I get; using a flash washes out the stage lights, and takes away the feeling of being there. The resulting photos are a bit surreal, and I delete about 90% of them. But the ones I keep, I'm liking the atmosphere they give.

Crud had such a light show going on, combined with so much smoke, that an ordinary flash wouldn't have worked anyway. It was all about pushing the button and hoping your exposure timed out with the lights.

Give Crud a listen. They're a great blast of guitar-fuelled industrial music. There hasn't been a lot of that around for about 10 years.

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