Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Live on stage... for one night only... ME!

Hamtramck Blowout is this weekend, and there are a lot of great bands playing. I'm really looking forward to the mix this year, although it could have been scheduled better. There are several bands I want to see that are all playing at the same time, but I will be doing my best to catch all that I can.

Tonight is the blowout pre-party at the Majestic Theater and, due to agreements and obligations, I will be on stage tonight as part of a Punk Fitness Detroit demo. This means that I'll also be sharing the stage with Crud, who tear it wide open, so I'm looking forward to that.

I think these Punk Fitness Demos are really important because it keeps people aware of exercise options they may not have considered. There are a lot of people out there who like to party, and may want to get in shape, but wouldn't fit into the gym mentality. That's who Punk Fitness is for. We have a beer, work out, and have some more beer.

If you're local, come on down for the party, and wherever you are, wish us luck! Hopefully nobody will hurl any heavy projectiles at us.


Anonymous said...

I may be there, just as long as I can be assured of you wearing more than the chick from Crud does.

Incidentally, did you ever hear a band from Pittsburgh called MACE? they were terrible, but you might have liked them (cheap shot). they opened for prong, gravity kills, white zombie, chemlab, and all those cyber-sex-rockers (and probably even sponge) back in the day.

alpharat said...

Mike, I'm gonna let that comment slide, just because you know there is a soft spot in my heart for cyber-sex-rock...