Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like Winter in July

I really need to get my photos off my camera onto the computer so I can share the P-Town trip and our new BFF, but as it hasn’t happened yet, I want to make one shout out before I forget – and that’s the fact that one of TFN’s pieces took honorable mention at the New England International Erotic Art Festival, the whole reason we were there. So yeah, I’m way proud of her.

Music of the moment: Peter Murphy

We’re going to see Peter Murphy tonight! We catch him pretty much every time he’s in town, whether it’s with Bauhaus or solo, but I really prefer his solo performances. The guy is a consummate showman, and going to see him is not a “Peter Murphy concert” so much as it’s “an evening with Peter Murphy.”

On the day job front, we just relocated within our building. Not only do I have a window for the first time in years, but it also faces a 150-year-old church. It makes the day much more pleasant.

How’d you like this on your finger?

I just read a Smithsonian article about manufactured diamonds, and found this little factoid:

The largest diamond so far found in the universe is the size of a small planet and located 50 light-years away in the constellation Centaurus. Astronomers with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics discovered the gigantic stone a few years ago, and they believe the 2,500-mile-wide diamond once served as the heart of a star. It's ten billion trillion trillion carats. The astronomers named it Lucy in honor of the Beatles' song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds."

The article was pretty fascinating, and among other things, pointed out that diamond manufacturers can already make a diamond that jewelers can’t tell came from a lab. Hopefully, they’ll flood the market with them, and drop the bottom out of the De Beers Empire. It would be best for the people of the world if that whole monopoly were no more.

Also, foot #6 just turned up on the beach in Vancouver. Ummm… what the hell?


fineartist said...

Right on TFN, she's the greatest!

What the heck? Cutting off a foot and throwing it out to float? I, um, er, that's just surreal and weird, and tragic.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to TFN.

You MUST update your Flickr. Even if it means you neglect the laundry or cleaning your room.

Which theory are you leaning toward? I just can't imagine five people's feet could get buzzed off by the prop in a float plane crash, so I'm thinking a serial killing podophile is at work.