Friday, June 27, 2008

It wouldn't be the same without you...

Music for today: "Party, My House, Be There" by MXPX

I love this song because it does a great job catching the excitement of what will hopefully be a great party.

It's benefit weekend, and that's always fun and stressful, doing that things for a good cause that can't possibly end well.

At four or five am tonight/tomorrow morning, the guys from Jesus & the Devil are rolling into town - to my house. They're on tour and we're putting them up for the weekend. It's the least I can do for them for helping me out - feed them, beer them, and give them a place to sleep until Monday, when they head toward their show in Lansing.

So now do you understand the gist of the song? Yep, if you're looking for the party, you know where it will be.

TGIF, folks. TGIF.

Have a great weekend everyone, and wish me luck as I'm saving the breasts!

I do want to share the flier again, just 'cause:

breast fest 3

It seems like it will never stop raining. I don't know when I'm going to get out on my bike again. The knee has recovered, now I just need cooperative weather.

I really feel for TFN, though, whose going to miss her bike. Actually, I'm going to miss her. She just got the dates for her business trip - and it's a 24-day trip. It's an awesome opportunity, but that's a pretty long time.

But no worries - for now, it's about time for a party at my house.

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Jennifer said...

We will be with you in spirit this Saturday, and please know that we've been supporting breasts along the way. Or I have, anyway, been supporting breasts. MrZ likes breasts fine, but the supporting of breasts, as well as the supporting of other important things is generally left up to me. I'm pretty much an 18-hour Zilla. If it needs support, I'm all over it. Cross my heart.

When TFN is out of town, I guess I won't have to worry so much about you calling me for bail? HOW are you going to get into any trouble without her??? UGH!