Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions
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Espresso and Jameson and the Jameson distillery in Dublin. That's how you start the day out right.

Then again, it's always a good time for whiskey. It's not just a breakfast drink!

This is me enjoying a glass of Paddy at a pub in the country just outside of Dublin.

Me in Dublin

Appropo of nothing, I have the telly on right now. Did you know that a kangaroo can't walk backwards? Amazing. That's called learning...

Still waiting for TFN to get home so beach day can begin... Hooray! She's here!


Jennifer said...

I like that hat! I like it a lot!

fineartist said...

Just a little coffee for my whiskey please. I'm kidding I do not drink whiskey well, but you make me want to indulge.

Course if I did I'd lose hours, my body would remain functioning but my brain would not be attending.