Friday, June 13, 2008

Completely irrelevant on LP and compact disc.

So it seems that 34 years ago a woman endured the herculean effort of bringing a baby into this world. I know, I was there.

I don't exactly remember it, but I am here now, so it all adds up.

Thanks, Mom! The real work was on your part. All I did was keep breathing.

I'm not sure at what age it's appropriate to have a crisis. I didn't have one at 30, even though TFN and I were both unemployed at the time, and it would have been appropriate.

34 would be a good time for a crisis. Up until now, I have spent much of my professional career seeking ways to market widgets and baubles to the 18-34 age bracket. Now it seems I am entering my last year in that bracket.

I'm not really having a crisis, though. I am definitely undergoing a serious change, though. Recent events have me reevaluating certain aspects of my life. There is a slight revision in goals coming up - more than I feel like giving voice to just yet - and I hope things continue to go the way I want.

TFN got me a theremin for my birthday! If you're unfamiliar with the theremin, it's a musical instrument played by manipulating electrical fields. The Beach Boys used one on "Good Vibrations," and the original "Star Trek" theme was done with one.

And here's a cat playing one:

The one that TFN got me is much nicer than the mini job being played by the kitty, but I couldn't resist.

The guys from LMDD made this up for me. It's quite nice I think...

Man, I can't believe that Breast Fest is in two weeks! Where is this summer going?


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Happy Birthday!!!

More later.
Like--hopes for making plans and such.

(still washing mud outta my navel)

ron st.amant said...

35 was kind of get bumped out of the prime 18-34 demographic where everyone cares about your disposable income, opinions, and beer preferences.

35 moved me into the Over 35 smorgasbord, where I'm treated like Grampa Simpson.

So save your crisis for next birthday...enjoy your Nielson relevance while you've got it.

'sides I'm turning 40 in November, yo...and THAT my friend will totally harsh your buzz.

fineartist said...

a body slam, high five, titty touch, and a belly bump

RAH! Happy birthday Alpha! Here's to your continued breathing for a very long time!

Consider yourself tag team hugged,

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I'm glad you were brought into the world.

Mentioned to Rock Star Sis about Breast Fest. I think Jamoker's gonna be around that weekend, but would at the very least, would like to contribute a donation. Where shall we send those? (linking on blog now)